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Lace yarn, Hand dyed, Alpaca and silk yarn, pink, blue, purple, 3.5 oz, 650 yds


lima lace 3.5 oz alpaca yarn purple to mint shift


Superwash merino wool, bamboo and nylon blended yarn, hand dyed with a subtle shift of colour from soft purple to soft mint green.

I use ecru yarns from Ashland Bay as my base yarns for dyeing. This one is Lima Lace.

Yarn Content: 70% Baby Alpaca
30% Tussah Silk
Yarn Weight: Lace -
Ounces: 3.5
Grams: 100
Yards: 650
Meters: 600

Baby items would be great in this yarn, very, very soft, but not fuzzy.

I have yet to knit an item for myself from this yarn. When I do I am thinking it may be one of the very few shawls I try. Something lacy I think. I love the feel of this yarn when I am working with it. This is one of the softest yarns I dye on a regular basis.

I have seen a few small knit, triangle shawls that this amount would be sufficient to complete.
For the weavers in the crowd I would suggest this as a weft with a 100% merino warp. And again I would expect this amount to do a small to mid-size scarf. I seldom weave, but I know this yarn could not take the abrasion needed to be a warp.

Dyed with Professional dyes, vinegar setting agent and Glauber Salt leveling agent.
I work at home, everything is as environment and mammal friendly as I can make it...

There is only the amount listed available for each skein on offer. I am mainly a sock or other small project knitter. When I dye yarns I reel them off in usually 3.5 to 5 ounce skeins and then dye the skeins. Skeins are dipped, splashed, rolled, dropped or what catches my fancy at that moment, one at a time into each colour of dye pot in turn. I do not worry overmuch about colours mixing in the dyepots. I let serendipity have its way. Dyeing days are fibre play days for me. Closest I come to planning the colours is when I select what colours to place in the pots originally, how much yarn I intend to dye for today and what order each skein will go through each pot in. After that what happens happens.

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  • lima lace 3.5 oz alpaca yarn purple to mint shift